Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Perfect School?

"What's it like to not be able to see the sky?" said the pupil to the teacher.

The teacher just laughed and replied: "You know I'm from Middlesbrough. Ha ha. Very funny." Of course he was referring to the nickname for people from that city - the Smoggies - because of its close proximity to large chemical factories which historically belched out smoke and covered the region in smog.

They were an excellent school. Teachers and students talked to each other as equals, making it a happy bus. Apart from one terse remark along the lines of: "Nice timekeeping, gentlemen", aimed at three boys who had overslept and nearly nissed the bus, there was a great atmosphere, making the 4 hour trip to Alton Towers fly by.

I wonder if they could be the perfect school.

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