Thursday, 29 July 2010

Rampant Rabbit, Pocket Rocket And The Bash Street Kids

An experienced fellow driver had a first when he was recently on a trip.

A thirtysomething lady's bag broke as she stood up to get off the bus. A load of magazines were splayed across the floor and before the embarrassed lady could scoop them all up, the driver noticed they were, ladies specific interest for ladies mags.

When he returned to the depot and was cleaning the bus, underneath the seat to his surprise he found a Rampant Rabbit and a Pocket Rocket. Needless to say there have been no requests to the bus company for the return of this lost property. In the unlikely event that the owner of these items is reading this blog, she might be pleased to know that the items are safely stored and ready for collection at any time.

It had been an interesting time for the driver who had just returned from taking the Bash Street Kids on a trip to a farm. This was a school which was renowned for having unruly children. The trip to the farm was true to form and the teachers sat idly watching as the children ran riot, jumped the fences and rode the pigs, sheep and cows bareback, rodeo style.

The reason the teachers turned a blind eye was for their continued good help as one or two children had notorious parents who could be violent. So the child who said:

"Do that and I'll fetch me fether up," was to be respected.

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