Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tarty Touts

"Any tickets for sale?" asked the agressive gang of girls who were cruising the coach park at Alton Towers. They had short hair, were stockily built and looked as if they meant business.

"No, sorry," I replied. It was a free ticket from Alton Towers which they give to all coach drivers to get into the theme park. I was just minded that if I gave away or sold my ticket then in future they would hand them out anymore.

"I'll give you a fiver," yelled the girl.


Then they turned nasty. "That's typical, another bloody bus driver who has ruined our day." They stomped off. I was rather glad I had ruined her day as a 'fiver' seemed a little on the mean side when I saw the official admission prices which varied between £29 and £33.

Two hours later, the same girls were still trawling around the overflow coach park. They still did not seem to be having much luck. Marvelous.

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