Wednesday, 28 July 2010

School Trip To Poitiers: 5. Dinner Time - The English Abroad

"Sir, sir, come quickly." The girl was looking horrified. "Someone's messing on. 'E's putting 'is bread in my water."

The children had made it quite plain earlier that day at breakfast that they did not like the bread. Why? No one could fathom as it was the usual delicious buttery, crispy French baguette. The whole room smelt of it.

They did not like the other food either. It was simple but good - a salad and a piece of fish or chicken on a bed of green beans or pasta. The teacher managed to get them to eat a little pasta by asking the waiter for some grated cheese to be put on top. The packed lunches also were not to their taste either - they were fed to the ducks by the river in Amboise on the return home.

There were two successes however. One was the pizza restaurant in Paris which provided fried chicken and chips and the other was sweets. Everywhere we stopped, the children loadedup with bagloads of sweets and biscuits.

This kept them going.

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