Monday, 26 July 2010

School Trip To Poitiers: 4. The Teachers Are Wilting

We returned from our tranquil day off, exuberant at not having to spend the whole day at the theme park. The opposite was to be said of the teachers. They had began the trip, full of life and leadership. Now, following 18 hours in a coach and 12 hours of stressful watching their children, they looked shattered. They were so exhausted that at sometime during the day, one at a time, they had curled up on a bench and had a ziz.

"I made a right idiot of meself," said one of them.

"I know, I was standing right behind you when you said it," said the other.

"I was so tired that I forgot all me French"

"Ah, that was why you said.... 'Je would like un bottle o' water s'il vous plait, garcon."

"Well I'm sure I never said garcon."

At that moment, one of the girls passed the teachers and said loudly to another girl: "Stay away from them boys, Gloria."

One of the teachers dragged themselves to their feet. "Here we go again," before disappearing past the queues into one of the attractions.

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