Saturday, 2 April 2011

Back To Plus Ca Change Britain - Now Normal ABD Blogging Service Resumes

'So much to do - so little time', as Terry Wogan often used to say.

It's been a busy time. A tour on the continent. A tour around the North East. Schools bus services. The normal tightrope of balancing home and work life. 'No time to fart' as a friend reminded me.

Britain is in the same state as I left it. Riots, strikes, gripes and moans about the weather. The cuts to bus services are in full swing. The excellent Simon Calder, Travel Editor of The Independent has just highlighted a bus - "the 12.45pm departure from Central Milton Keynes to Southill which operates on the Fifth Tuesday of applicable months." If you miss the one on March 29th, the next service is on May 31st. Welcome to 21st Century Britain.

But let's not dwell - it could be worse.

There is plenty to write about. Plenty of Accidental Bus Driver stories to fill you in on.

So if you are sitting comfortably....I will begin.

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