Friday, 29 April 2011

Romantic Royal Wedding - Though The Buses Were A Little Insipid

Watching the Royal Wedding live, it is immediately evident that the enthusiasm, the romance and the planning is as good, if not better than any previous royal wedding. I have seen. It demonstrates that Britain is still the only nation in the world who could organise such an event.

Now, from a bus driver's perspective, the only slight disappointment is the insipid nature of the modern fleet of mini-coaches which ferried some of the relatives from the palace. They looked like a conglomeration of the an American airport transfer coach and a popemobile.

In years past they may well have been operated by Frames Rickards, an old company with the smartest coaches in beautiful, stylish maroon livery. Have a look at

But, hey, ignore the ramblings of an ageing bus driver. Blink and you missed the mini-coaches. In the grand scheme of things, it is unimportant.

Long live the royal couple.

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