Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happiness Outweighs The British Fashion Disaster

The summer has begun. It is only mid-April too.

Driving today, I saw some sights I would rather not have seen. The first time the sun comes out, the British go mad. They have been so starved of any kind of warmth or light for the past five and a half months, that they don't care anymore, so long as they can take the first steps towards a sun tan.

All along the valley, there were people sitting on the pavements, by the roadside, dangerously near the road catching the rays. The reverse black and red floral cami tops and the denim hotpants clashed with the albino white arms and legs. Their faces were flushed in the typical British lobster colour as a result of too much sun, too fast.

But look on the bright side, fashion disasters apart. This road I travel is not usually crowded with so many people. The ones you see, usually are miserable with heads down, struggling against the bitter wind and driving rain. Today everybody was happy.

May this be the start of a long, hot summer.

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