Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Pre-Easter Christian Act Of Kindness

It is Easter week.

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a concerted image to demolish Christianity and the church, aided and abetted by the media? Whenever I have turned on the radio, there seems to have been an atheist arguing his case and an attempt by the interviewer to load the questions, or not give so much time to the counter argument from whoever was representing the Christian side. Either way, the atheist came out of the interview as the one who was hip, trendy and in touch with modern times, whereas the Christian tended to be made out to sound old fashioned, revisionist and out of touch.

It makes one think, if you will excuse the pun, that the Church is 'between the devil and the deep blue sea'. Declining church audiences, crumbling buildings, alternative distractions such as shopping and an increase in competition such as atheism, humanism, christian science create an atmosphere of difficult times.

But in the gloom, there are still Christian acts of great kindness. I had one towards me yeesterday. There was a knock at my front door and a lady who had been on a recent trip where I had been the driver, was standing there. She gave me an envelope.

'What's that for?' I asked.

'It's your tip. Well half of it anyway,' she said. 'When we saw that it was a different driver taking us back, we thought we are not going to let him have all the tip. We wanted you to have some of it.'

She had actually bothered to come and seek me out. Now that was a friendly act.

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