Saturday, 2 April 2011

Journey Through The Netherlands: 5. A Policeman Makes Things Happen

There's something unbelievably spoiling having a Policeman as one of the organisers and guide of the tour. From a bus driver's perspective life tends to be easier. Everything runs more smoothly.

Coming out of the church car park after the concert a car had parked right in the place where I needed the extra room to swing the wheel and avoid hitting the church wall. The organiser jumped out the bus, knocked on the doors of the terraced houses opposite until the offender was found. the car moved smartly and we continued on our way.

On the return journey, he spoke of the arranged concert where the choir would be singing jointly with the Police choir in Zwolle.

"Everyone when they see a Policeman often expect they are going to have to pay a fine," he said. But not this time, because this concert will be a free concert."

Parking shouldn't be a problem.

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