Thursday, 30 September 2010

All Singing All Dancing Can't Compete With The Knackers

Recently I spotted one of our old buses running around on a school run. The colours and logo were the same even though it was being operated by another company. Whether they had been lazy or whether they had struggled to remove the transfers, it's hard to know.

"It's a lovely old bus," said the driver. "but I am one of the few who drives it. The other drivers look at the work sheets in the morning and if they see they are rosta'd to drive it, they create hell and refuse to drive it. The problem is all our other buses are top of the range and they have got spoilt."

"Typical coach driver attitude," sneered another driver, "they think they are a cut above us others."

Is this true? Well, sometimes. You always meet one who thinks he is the best. but that is in any sphere of life.

The company I drive for has a wide range of buses. All our drivers are equal and just get on with things. Any driver drives every bus.driving the old knackers can be fun. It is a challenge and at the end of the shift, you feel as if you have achieved something, rather than sitting at the helm of some state of the art, computer driven, wondrous beast.

Very litle goes wrong with the old knackers, and if it does, usually the fault is easy to spot and fix. The computerised super machines are like modern day celebrities and tend to sulk when something goes wrong.

And with the advancement of winter, I know which bus I would prefer to drive on the snow and ice in the North Pennines.

Beauty can be skin deep.

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