Monday, 13 September 2010

When Nature Calls

The gales have begun early. The rain has turned heavy. branches and leaves litter the road and even a few trees have been downed. Nature is showing us that summer is over. The curlew have disappeared. The grouse have began behaving strangely, running precariously along the road.

There is a loud bang. An idiot pheasant has flown into the windscreen. It is a fortunate pheasant with a hard head as it flies away apparently unharmed. This is the start of the season. The season of strange behaviour of the avian kind.

"Wow!" said the boy in the seat behind. "That was the same noise as the Cumbrian Wrestling at the Show yesterday."

The girls at the back were not so calm. one came running to the front.

"Hurry up! Holly needs a poo."

It's going to be a be a long winter.

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