Monday, 13 September 2010

Saturday Night - Bus Driver Style

The drivers in the school bus park had been out at the pub on Saturday night. It is an important part of a bus driver's life. But there are rules and everyone is expected to buy a round of drinks or two or three.

One man did not which caused animosity amongst the others. The solution was to buy this miser more and more drinks. When he could hardly stand up, they turned him upside down and emptied his pockets. He was then bundled into the boot of his own car and one of the drivers who had not been drinking drove the car back to his home, leaving him in the trunk.

His wife would wake to the sound of loud banging coming from the car boot. This happened many times and the wife was left scratching her head and wondering how he got there. She never figured it out.

Another man received even worse treatment. He had the habit of falling into a deep sleep and being impossible to wake. So he was taken in his car to the local car wash. The windows were wound down and he was sent on his way. It worked. when the car appeared the other side there was a wet figure, but wide awake.

Who says bus drivers are dull?

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