Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Buses And Bananas

There is a new school bus in the area. It is an old service bus, painted bright yellow. The children have nicknamed it the 'Big Banana'. It is the future of school buses as some bright spark has designated that we should yet again copy America and paint all our school buses yellow.

On the bright side, the uniformity of yellow will mask many old buckets currently used on school runs. This particular bus is not so good for our beautiful Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, because when it breaks down, it is parked on some remote rural spot and clashes badly with the purple heather,

Talking of bananas, another bus developed a problem where the fan went through the engine and resulted in a large oil slick pouring out over the road. breaakdowns are not fun. It happened to me occasionally. the last time was outside a railway station in winter. The temperature dropped so rapidly that the diesel froze and therre was nothing I could do, except to light a fire under the diesel tank. You feel a right banana as no traffic can get past and you sit there suffering the anger of motorists.

Winter is coming soon.

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