Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Jessie Knacker And The Maybe-etta

The school holidays are coming to an end. Quel dommage. Next week I will be back on the buses. The school buses. Batten down the hatches.

My wife tried to console me. "I hope it will not be like the buses which arrived at my primary school. The children from Jesmond rode on such a terrible bus that it was known as the Jessie Knacker."

The North East is full of affectionate names for their buses. In County Durham there was one called the Maybe-etta. It was so unreliable that the people waiting at the bus stop would say: "Maybe-etta come or maybe-etta won't."

More often than not it didn't.


  1. Hi Mate

    Hope I've guessed right in the company you work for. And here are some photos I've took of said bus company. Don't know if you are driving in any of the photos.


  2. I'm afraid I am unable to say for sure as driving in the high hills gives rise to some form of altitude sickness where memory is often jaded. Thank you for being a follower and posting comments, Gary. It is much appreciated.