Thursday, 30 September 2010

I Suffer From GBDD, Not ADHD

On the day that Cardiff University has announced that ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is linked to genetic variants, I am suffering from GBDD. This is more commonly known as Grumpy Bus Driver Disorder. It has no link to genes whatsoever and is brought on by annoying children, as was the case this morning.

When one little girl pressed the STOP buzzer constantly and two other little girls kept repeating to each other: "Shut up you're speaking Irish to me." "Shut up yourself, no you are speaking Irish to me." "No you are speaking Irish to me." "No you are speaking Ir.............." and so on and so on. It was like a stuck record.

By the time I reached the school, I was in a thunderous mood.

A pensioner proved to be my release valve. "It's quite ridiculous the council turning this bus into a school bus and not allowing other passengers on as they used to. It is this effing extreme view that everyone must be a paedophile."

He smiled, leant on the bus and prepared to deliver the succour punch:

"I only wanted to throttle the little b......s sometimes. I certainly never wanted to do anything else to them

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