Friday, 3 September 2010

Darth Vader Causes Nocturnal Chaos

What is the definition of aggro?

It could be six bus drivers stuck in a small room, for a week, in some far flung European country. In this cramped room were bunk beds which would try even the most patient. Imagine having driven 20 something hours to be shown that this was your accomodation for the duration of your stay.

The lavatories were situated in another block some distance away. When one of the drivers wanted to go the rest were woken up by creaking of wooden bunk beds and floorboards.

One of the drivers had a problem with sleeping and needed to wear a mask at night. One night he had the urge to go and crept out of the room, still wearing his mask. He arrived at the toilet block, pushed the door and to his horror confronted another occupant witting there. As there was no electric light the only means of getting around was with a torch.

There was an ear piercing scream which woke up all the drivers and the rest of the tour group who were asleep in other dormitories. Everyone rushed to see what the problem was.

"It was very frightening," said the person, "I thought Darth Vader was coming through the door.

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