Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Benefits Of Gales

The weather forecast was not right. So that's not unusual.

The wind was strong and gusty on the early morning school run. The evidence of the hurricane strength winds of last night were everywhere. Four trees had blown over onto the route. But amazingly, the local farmers had been out and chopped the wood which had closed the road. Neat piles of logs lay either side of the road.

The most telling sign was the sheep. Their fleeces looked ruffled, as if they had been through a blow dryer. They wandered aimlessly over the fell and behaved as if they had experienced a rough night. Even the children were tranquil. This was truly the calm after the storm.

It is the first day I have driven a bus through bad weather for several months. Surprisingly satisfying as it felt like a challenge. All seemed to go swimmingly. There were no delays. Cars and trucks respectfully reversed when we met in the narrow parts of the journey where it was not possible for more than one vehicle to pass. There was no Mexican stand-off which is usually the case. Angry motorists usually scowl and spit blood when you a bus with passengers on is not allowed to reverse. I don't know if it is law, but it is always a plausible excuse.

What's more, driving through the rain and wind cleans the dirt off the buses. There will be no need to clean them today.

I wish there were more storms.

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