Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Beauticians Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

The college has always been popular for girls studying to become beauticians. In the past, they were instantly recognisable by their plain white tunics.

Now something has changed. their uniforms are snazzy, with purple and pink stripes and swirls on the black background.

"They're very expensive," moaned a student. "Cost us a lot of money."

She looked no happier when another passenger suggested another way in which she could earn some extra income to cover the cost.

"Seeing as you look like an extra out of Star Trek, perhaps you could get some work in the next series? They haven't written a beautician into the storyline yet."

She smiled un-gracefully. Maybe even through gritted teeth. It was hard to tell as the bus's interior mirror was dirty and everyone sitting behind me, seemed to be enveloped in fog.

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