Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Lake District - A Hell Hole For Coaches

As I was driving through the Lake District, in my car, on a day off, I turned a sharp corner to find a huge coach, struggling to turn round. There were stone walls on all sides and narrow lanes. The driver looked panic stricken.

Poor sod.

I knew the feeling. The first time I drove around the Lakes, it was a petrifying experience. On every bend a car came round the corner towards, without reducing speed. I used to shut my eyes and wait for the bang. It never happened, the car always managed to squeeze through. Skilful local drivers or sheer good fortune - you can toss a coin for the correct answer.

This bus driver was sweating as he shunted back and forth, avoiding connecting with the stonework. He did well. So much better than I would have done. His passengers were long gone, looking around the farm Beatrix Potter once owned. I hope they give their driver a good tip when they return.

He has earned it.

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