Monday, 18 October 2010

A Nasty Moment

I had a strange experience yesterday.

A man of ethnic origin leapt out of the bushes and started chasing me, some friends and our children, in the middle of a North Eastern city.

"I take your camera. You take camera." He cried over and over again. he was most agitated.

"I don't understand," I replied in a reasonable manner. This enraged him. He took out his mobile phone, shouted, "Police, Police. I ring Police," and then took down our car number plate details. My friends from the continent were unnerved by this man's behaviour.

What was his problem? Did he think one of my friends had taken a picture of him? She hadn't.

As we drove off the sirens of three Police cars came closer and passed us. That was quick I thought. Yhe Police after us so quickly.

I await the next stage. a New Zealand friend, who is tough and experienced with dealing with these sorts of people told me that night to forget about it.

"You should have looked him in the eye and said to him: 'F*** off! Rude letter to follow. That's what I always do and it seems to work"

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