Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fumbling Through The Pockets For The Full Fare

The college students are fumbling in their pockets for whatever change they have. "I don't think I have enough," said one girl, but she was not so good at hiding a folded £20 note in the corner of her purse. she scowled when I said I had enough change.

For the past week, an edict had been sent to the students in the form of a roughly guillotined typed note, stating that if they did not have the correct pass, then they would be charged the full fare.

The takings tripled.


The ones who usually boarded the bus, saying: "I've left me pass at home" or "the council say it's in the post" look at the floor, say nothing, give a sheepish grin and then reach into their pockets and bring out the correct fare.

It just shows you.

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