Monday, 18 October 2010

The Redundant Bus Driver?

The bus industry holds its breath and waits for the Government announcement about cuts.

What will they be? Will the bus subsidy be cut? Where will the axe fall?

There have been tales of job losses in some big bus companies recently. The councils have been bringing down the prices to rock bottom prices and some small companies have been putting in ridiculously low tenders, hardly worth getting out of bed for. They will be running at break even, at best and at a loss at worst. Why? Perhaps they feel the need for cash flow, however derisory.

How will it affect us drivers? Will there be fewer routes?

So many questions. So many uncertainties.

If I had to guess, there will be fewer routes. The subsidy will be removed, making many routes, particularly rural routes unviable. But it is a political numbers game. There will be fewer complaints from the countryside because not many people live there. They would not dare cut the towns and cities. That would be political suicide.

So watch this space. The Accidental Bus Driver may become the Redundant Bus Driver. Who knows? I don't think anyone does.

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