Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Lunatics Have Left The Asylum

"There will be one or two more crashes before it settles down," a driver said to me.

I had just complained to him that I felt the standard of driving of car drivers on the road had recently sunk to an all time low. Speeding like wild cats, overtaking on blind corners, tailgating and braking violently were some of the things I have seen in the last two weeks.

"Remember - there is a reason for it," he went on. "At the end of June/July there are all those school leavers who have just passed their test in the summer holidays. They're new on the roads at this time. there will be a couple of crashes, before they realise it is a dangerous occupation, then things will get better.

I've only seen two crashes, so we're halfway there. There is a car flying in front of me. Five minutes later I catch up with him. The driver looks shaken. he has been careering around the sharp corner only to find an oil tanker, parked and delivering heating fuel to someone's house. He has obviously taken evasive action and missed the tanker, but it looks as if, to do so, he has had to scrape the other side of the car in some hawthorn bushes.


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