Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bus Shelters Are Worrisome For Those In God's Waiting Room

Passing along the Vallium Run route, it is impossible not to notice the quality of the bus shelters. Brand spanking new bus shelters. Stone clad, well built, nicely designed with windows to see up and down the road. They are a credit to the Council's design team and fit well into the beautiful rural area.

The only problem is that nobody uses them. Or rarely. They never did use them, when they were ramshackle old wooden ones. The cost must have been substantial and there is a whisper going around the bus that there is more afoot.

The conspiracy theorists are convinced that a housing estate or major house building project is imminent where they live.

"Our village is known as 'God's Waiting Room'," said one lady. "It always has been due to the large number of old people who live here. Look at it - it's so beautiful. I'd like nothing better than to pop my clogs sitting in my chair in my garden."

Wouldn't we all?

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