Thursday, 7 October 2010

A Tip Too Far

I went on another company's bus, where above the door was a notice about tips. It asked passengers not to pass a bag around because some people felt pressurised. It went on to advise those who wanted to give a tip, if they would quietly go and see the driver at the back of the bus and quietly slip something into his hand.

The nerve of it!

Tipping is everybody's personal choice. You can't go around telling people how to tip. It is a bonus and something you can't expect and pleasant when it happens. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

"He's had a complaint against him," said the driver who had borrowed the bus to do the school run. "He's quite a character but sometimes can't keep his mouth shut. This time he went too far when a large lady got on his bus.

'Well love, he said to the lady, with an arse the size of that you will need two postcodes.
The woman was not amused and rang his boss."

I suspect there was no tip there, then.

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