Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Children Turn From Enthusiastic To Sad

When the children return to their school, following a trip to the outward bound centre, they are bubbling with life and longing to get home to tell all about their adventures. more and more frequently, for whatever reason, some parents are not there to meet their offspring.

Tonight, it is bad. There are a large group of them standing on the pavement, standing by their suitcases. Their enthusiasm has dwindled. They look sad. Little by little the parents arrive. The last one is picked up nearly an hour after the coach has arrived. The teachers make frantic phone calls and unselfishly try to keep their pupils' spirits up. The teachers are exhausted too and have to delay their longed for hot baths in their own homes.

It is something you cannot help observing, as you feel for these children. I try not to be judgemental as there are bound to be reasons in most cases.

In some, I fear it is the ugly face of modern life in Great Britain.

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