Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dimwit Marooned In The Snow

"Isn't it so beautiful?" the rambler said cheerfully.

My response was less enthusiastic. Deep inside there was an inner voice a la Vicky Pollard saying: Yeah but, no, but yeah but, no....

Seeing twenty black grouse perched in a tree was magical. Seeing the red squirrels leaping between branches and the hares scampering across the snow in search of any vegetation was wondrous. Hearing the children's happiness as they sledged down the hill was fantastic. As were the biblical skies, the glints of sun and the sparkling snow and icicles, between the blizzards.

Otherwise it was stressful. Today is the best day. I have only dug myself out of the ditch once, on the way to the depot. I tried. Yesterday it was twice. Sunday was the worst. It was thrice and a hairy skid on a sharp corner into a bank of snow, only to bounce back onto the road and continue. It is stressful driving in the snow.

The white builders van came past me sideways. The grim faced driver struggling with the wheel. Either pride or fear kept him going and he refused to give up. He made it up the hill, before reverting to more normal builders van tactics and tailgating the rest of the cars in front of him.

So why am I skidding all over the place when I have a four wheel drive car, which should fly over these slippy conditions. The answer is that, as you will remember, because of my dim wittedness of losing the keys, the four wheeled drive vehicle is parked outside the depot awaiting the services of an auto electrician. So it is the wife's car I am using which does not cope so well with the snow. I am marooned temporarily.

Where is the auto electrician?

Stuck in the snow, of course in another town. Maybe the car will be back on the road by Easter. It will be snowing again by then.

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