Thursday, 18 November 2010

Is The North Of England More Irish Or Chinese?

I may have said this before and forgive me if I have, but an Irish friend and neighbour from County Wicklow, once told me he liked the area where we live and where I drive buses, because it is the nearest he has ever found to the Emerald Isle. This little corner of England has a way of doing things and going about their daily lives which could have come straight out of John Ford's charming film, The Quiet Man.

So it will not be a complete surprise to you that a fellow bus driver was talking about his trip down a narrow lane recently. Halfway down the lane, he met the local service bus. A town size bus, meaning there was very little room to get by. As they inched past each other, the service bus driver opened his window and handed a timetable to the other driver, before driving off, not saying anything.

The timetable was to let the driver know when and when he would not be welcome down this lane. Very sensible and possibly more Chinese than Irish it was the finest example of saving face.

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