Tuesday, 23 November 2010

There's Trouble Brewing When The Buses Are Cut

The cuts are definitely coming. In what form? That is the question.

Every time I open a newspaper, there seems to be some dramatic headline:

"Rural bus passengers to suffer as subsidies are cut", screamed the Daily Telegraph.

"Cuts to rural transport subsidies planned", screamed BBC News Highlands & Islands.

"Bus subsidy cuts could hit low-earners", screamed the Yorkshire Evening Post.

"Darlington cuts hit bus subsidies", screamed the Northern Echo

"Dismay at plans to cut rural bus service cash", screamed the Lancashire Evening Post

"Cuts fears to rural bus services," screamed the Falmouth Packet

The language used in some of the articles was even more scaremongering. "Beeching style cuts", "this stealth hit", "a triple pronged attack", "prisoners in their own villages", etc etc........so in one respect it is consoling to know that it is not just the Vallium Run which is facing cutback.

There is no doubt that some people cannot live without a bus service. But they are in the minority and so many of us have become reliant on cars. The Government and the Councils have got the upper hand when it comes to cutting rural bus services. They know that there will be some complaints, but due to the fact that the countryside is sparsely populated, they will be small in number.

But prenez garde messieurs! If you read your history books you will know that the countryside has in the past been a hotbed for revolution.

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