Saturday, 27 November 2010

Schooldays Are The Best days Of Your Life?

"See you in the grave, Syd," said the little girl sitting behind me in the bus. "That's what I said to him as I launched myself on the zipwire.

"I'm afraid you have the school chatterbox sitting behind you," said the teacher.

She was spot on in her description. This girl talked non-stop for the near three hour journey back to Lancashire. It was like an episode of Coronation Street. They were the most streetwise children I've met yet.

"You're disgusting George."

"Why's that?"

"For having a crush on Katy."


"Katy's going out with Dick."

"I thought Katy was going out with Syd."

"No Syd's gay."

"Don't tell Katy."

"That's alright, she's well fast asleep," said another boy sitting in the front row, who had just finished stabbing his neighbour with a sharp pencil."

"Yeah she's always well fast asleep." repeated the school chatterbox.

"No I'm not," came a little voice from two or three seats back. "Don't worry Carly - I won't kill 'im until we start school again on Monday."

"My Mum will kill me too, I've ruined my best trackie bottoms."

I drove over a bump in the road.

"Woo hooh. Tickle my tummy," yelled the chatterbox before returning to gossiping about who's going out with who. The boy in the other front seat cried out as George inserted the pencil into his hand.

Schooldays are still the best days of your life.............the jury's still out.

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