Friday, 5 November 2010

How To Sit Out The Long Waits

New technology means a bus driver need not be bored rigid anymore, with those long waits for their passengers to return to the bus. What do I do to keep my mind enriched and stop it from vegetating?

1. I invested in a power inverter. This was supposed to be a piece of magic which would let me run my computer or charge a mobile phone or plug in a tv. So I plugged the inverter into the bus's cigarette lighter point.

All hell broke loose.

The dashboard lit up as every red warning light came on. The warning buzzers sounded. Smoke started billowing out of the power inverter, the plastic casing melted before there was a series of flashes and bangs and the inverter blew up.

No one told me that different buses ran off different power supplies. Putting a 12 volt power into a 24 volt bus power outlet creates unplanned fireworks. As my memory tends to have good and bad days, I have destroyed three power inverters.

2. Any bus driver should download the free download of the computer game called Bus Driver - Though I am far too old for computer games, this is very addictive and fun. The time seems to fly by.

3. I turn on the DVD player occasionally and watch the latest blockbuster. Though once I forgot to turn the engine over and when the movie ended the battery was flat.

The very best advice for any bus driver sitting in a coach park with a long wait on their hands, is to seek out any foreign bus, particularly German. They have the latest kit. Satellite TV, Microwaves, fridge freezers....... you name it.

Vorsprung durch technik applies to buses too.

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