Thursday, 18 November 2010

Scrabbling Around For £1

By default, there was a social experiment performed on the school bus this morning. A £1 coin was spotted by two girls under one of the seats. As they talked about it, an opportunistic boy leant across the aisle and grabbed it.

All hell broke loose. War was about to start at midnight.

For once the Accidental Bus Driver demonstrated a modicum of wisdom and ordered the boy to hand it over on the understanding that it would be handed over to the school Guide Dogs Appeal.

"Spoilsport," he said as he left the bus, giving a sideways look which could have killed at 1000 metres.

On the return journey, the boy had forgotten all about his lost £1. The younger children had not. I found two scrabbling about on the floor. When they saw me they straightened up like lightening and looked sheepish.

"Just looking for something........"

"Er thought we had lost our gloves," the other quickly interjected.

It is consoling to know that Sterling is trading comfortably.

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