Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pungent Puns In The Snowdrifts

It was a disastrous day.

The Northumbrian Water website proclaimed:

"Due to the weather conditions, Kielder Winter Wonderland has been cancelled....." Whatever next? Will the Long Blondes re-release "Christmas Is Cancelled" and be the Christmas No1?

The media are rolling out the snow puns again. "Snovember. Snowvember. It's Snow Joke. An Avalanche Of Complaints. Are You All White........." They can only get worse from here.

I've jumped into the car for another try to get over the top. I've found a cd of old Christmas No 1's. Spike Milligan comes out of the speakers....

....'I'm walking backwards for Christmas
It's the only thing for me....'

The trouble is I've found another snowdrift, so I will be walking back long before Christmas.

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