Friday, 5 November 2010

Too Fat For The Driver's Seat. Moi?

I am fast becoming self-conscious.

There has been a fair bit in the media recently about fat bus drivers. Take the last item on the News Quiz on Radio 4 tonight, where Sandi Toksvig said:

"Before we leave you, here's a cutting from the Daily Mail sent in by........'Industrial action is being threatened after two Blackpool bus drivers were suspended for being too fat to use the driving seats> Unite's regional organiser said I hope we can all sit round a table to talk about this."

Likewise the Daily Mirror carried the story -

The Mirror did not check their advertisement placement very carefully, as you will see, for far to close for comfort to this story is a chance for readers (including bus drivers, I suppose) to win a year's supply of ice cream.

I'm beginning to feel a fraction of insecurity creeping in. I've broken several bus seats, but have always put it down to the age of the seat, poor design or another driver who should take off some weight. Never myself. But perhaps I am the one to blame. Am I just another fat bus driver?

I've always been careful what I eat. When on a two man job, the other driver's face normally falls when I suggest some sushi or a salad for lunch. Their eyes betray their disappointment at missing out on the full monty, the all day breakfast or some other wholesome offering.

It's going to have to be the cabbage soup diet for me. Though that will be most unpleasant for my passengers.

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