Monday, 6 December 2010

10 Bus Drivers' Excuses For Not Driving A Bus Through The Snow And Ice

1. I can't be bothered.

2. My brakes are frozen solid. The air bags are faulty.

3. The general public are in even more aggressive mood than usual.

4. I'm shit scared I will hit the bollard I hit last week.

5. My feet are like blocks of ice as my socks are stiff as boards and my shoes have a hole in them.

6. The diesel's frozen and I can't start the engine.

7. My knees are knocking after the skid I experienced yesterday.

8. The heater's broken, I can't see out the windscreen.

9. If I have another dent, my wages will be docked.

10. For the typical bus driver's wages, I'd rather go back to bed

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