Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Shop Signs Along The Bus Route

There's a book available dedicated to funny shop names. Shop Horror The Best Of The Worst in British Shop Names by Guy Swillingham (Fourth Estate 2005):-

It's a fun read. Being a bus driver, you cannot fail to notice the odd named shops you pass everyday. When I was a child I always giggled when driving past Sitting Pretty (Bathroom + Lavatory Shop), Well Hung (Curtain Shop) and Boti (Curry House). My sense of humour has remained puerile and so here are a few more I have passed recently:

Jiggery Pokery Shop - Tea Shop and Antiques

Stagger Inn - Pub

Captain Magic's Nosh Wagon - Butty Van
Scotty's Stotties
Hale's Kitchen

Tantastic - Tanning Salon

Runwell Chop Suey House - Chinese Restaurants
Dong Dong
Well On Chop Suey House

Tasty Turk - Take Away

Arc and Saw - Builders

Deb N Hair - Hairdressers
Chas N Dye
Chop & Change
Fringe Benefits
The Head Gardener
Head Masters
Tete A Tete

The High Plaice - Fish And Chip Shop
The Cod Father
Barkin Shark
Bait Box
Chip Ahoy
Northern Sole
.............................and finally
Frosts Famous Fish N Chip Shop - not funny because of its name but because of it's advertising slogan:

"If It's Fresher Than Frosts It's Still Swimming"


  1. I've seen the Arc and Saw before.


    R U Cold - Heating and Boiler

    A Coach Company - Obvious

    Grab and Delivery - Skip firm.

  2. One I've always chuckled at is a shoe shop in Hebden Bridge called "Ruby Shoesday"