Wednesday, 15 December 2010

What's All The Stink About?

"I don't like smelly old bus drivers," a passenger once said to me.

As soon as I could rushed to the back of the bus and started sniffing the air and smelling my parts which might have smelt and caused grief for my passengers. As far as I could tell, I seemed relatively fragrant. The bad aroma must have emanated from someone else. But it left its mark and has made me ultra sensitive to personal hygiene matters and I fear that I suffer from bromidrosiphobia (an irrational fear of having bad body odour).

Today it is not I but another passenger who is suffering. In fact the passenger is suffering so badly that a complaint has been directed at the driver. The driver works for another company and is on a tour. There are several days left on this tour, so who knows what is going to happen? One way or another, it will be resolved, either by a bath or by an argument or possibly both.

The passenger should take small mercy from the fact that the temperatures are below freezing. Imagine what the aroma would be like in mid July. It is an unpleasant thought and will put you off your turkey.

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