Friday, 3 December 2010

The Second Pragmatic Oil Tanker Delivery Driver

In the middle of digging out the bus, the oil tanker driver arrived. "Need any diesel?" he asked.
The depot manager jumped up and down with delight, as the tank had been empty for several days and in this weather he was expecting any driver to take one look at the ungritted road and run a mile.

This driver was different and took the risk, driving down.

"Oh no problem," he said. "I've got diffs on the truck. If not you can tow me out."

He reversed without a problem.

"Had four trucks stuck today though," he continued. "Any driver who takes a truck down an inappropriate road gets the instant sack."

I wonder if this will apply to us bus drivers, I thought, thinking of all the rotten roads we would have to go over the next days and weeks.

This looks like being a long cold snap.

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