Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tulips From Amsterdam?

Coming off the motorway at the busy Durham/Sunderland junction, I noticed there were two Dutch trucks parked on the bridge. One was an ordinary delivery wagon and the other was one of those huge flower delivery juggernauts you see parked on the pavement in any town or village in Britain.

As I passed them the flower delivery driver leapt out the back of his truck laden with bundles of flowers and foliage. He gave them to the other driver. It was not the usual behaviour of truck drivers. It goes against the grain of a stereotypical trucker. Naturally my mind started wandering and thinking of reasons to explain this unusual scene:-

Was it a gesture of friendship?

Did the flower delivery have an excess of flowers and when he saw his fellow countryman decide to make a gift in a 'comrades across the water' moment?

Did he buy this large quantity of flowers and foliage to decorate the inside of his truck?

Was it true love?

Were they tulips from or to Amsterdam?

.......and so on and so on. Who knows? And, quite frankly, who cares? It is hard to stop the mind playing tricks or making mischievous suggestions.

Ah, simple pleasures for a simpleton.

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