Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Australian Coach Tour Breezes Through The Snow

The roads were worse along Hadrian's Wall. They were white and looked dangerous. But they weren't. The snow was hard packed and little salt had been used which meant there was good grip to be had.

There at one of the tourist attractions was a Dutch bus, full of Australian and Canadian tourists. Contiki Tours, who specialise in holidays for the 18 - 35 year olds, were fantastic. They had climbed up the hill, along some nasty, slippy roads and went walking along the Wall.

The driver came from Melbourne and was full of enthusiasm. "Yeah the roads aren't great but no worries." The passengers were full of vitality and the tour guide was joking with them. It seemed so happy, I instantly wanted to join the tour. I would have if they had bent the rules for the upper age limit.

After so much appallingly awful news stories from Heathrow Airport, St Pancras Station and most of the Motorways in Britain, it was a breath of fresh air to meet some happy travellers. Maybe some Aussies running our transport network might be a good solution in the future.

"We're off to Scotland now. Edinburgh," said the driver. "The A1 is closed. The A68 is closed, we hear. The M8 is not too hot either. But she'll be right and we will get there."

My day had improved no end. This enthusiasm is infectious. It came to an abrupt halt when I picked up a passenger.

"And how are you today?" I said in my most positive voice, wearing my broadest smile.

"Not bad," came the monotone and depressed reply. "It could be better, though. This weather - I'm fed up with it. And what's more............"

My mind wandered off and I dreamt that I was 34 and a 1/2 again.

(By the way if you are between 18 - 35 here is the link

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