Friday, 3 December 2010

The Wrong Train Ticket

The other driver had an unusual experience the other day.

He had to go down to Norfolk with another driver to pick up a bus. They met in the cafe at Newcastle Station and talked while they whiled the time away.

"What time is it?" asked the driver.

"1020 something," replied the other.

"Shit. The train leaves in two minutes."

They ran, forced their way through the barriers, and reached the platform just as the guard was blowing his whistle. The other driver jumped on as the doors closed. The result was that one driver pulled away on the train and one sat on the platform, watching him pull away.

Then the terrible mistake dawned upon him. The other driver in his haste had only given him one half of his ticket. The ticket he had only showed his seat reservation. He got on the next train and told the conductor when he asked for all tickets from Newcastle. Amazingly the conductor was sympathetic and managed to ring the guard on the other train and confirm that the other driver was holding three tickets.

Who says the railways are in a bad state?

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