Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Blue Lights And The Smell Of Marzipan

Here's a thought.

Not a very profound thought but a thought nonetheless.

I have finally worked out what is making me feel colder than usual. It is not the sub zero temperatures. That is nice dry cold. It is not the snow. That makes the place look beautiful. It is not watching people's breath turn into white clouds as they scuttle along the street.

It's these new blue Christmas lights you see everywhere. It makes everywhere look and feel even colder than it actually is. I know it's psychological, but particularly at this time, any gold, yellow, orange or red lights are welcome as they give off a warm glow.

My sense of smell seems to have been heightened in this freeze. The smell of roasted chestnuts is appealing. As is the smell of burning coal and watching the smoke rise out of their chimneys. Even the passengers seem to smell nicer. I had a lady who smelt of marzipan yesterday.

"Have you been making Christmas cakes?" I asked her.

"No dear, it's the new perfume my son-in-law gave me."

I know my New Year's resolution is already going to involve something to do with tactfulness.

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