Thursday, 16 December 2010

And Now For The Weather........

We haven't talked about the weather for at least two days. This is disgraceful and shameful. I'm British.

Up here in the North Pennine hills, you have to expect wild weather. Four seasons in one day often. When you drive buses, the weather is a big part of your life. It affects all that I do. My moods. My fears. My humour.

Recently it has been more volatile than usual. Last week there was three foot of snow.Then it all but thawed in a day and I was driving along flooded roads. then it froze and the roads were like skid pans. Now we are back to snow and the severe weather warnings and forecasts of heavy snow.

I'm no the Vallium Run tomorrow. For once, if the conditions are treacherous, it should be far from dull. A seat of my pants ride. I'll let you know.

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