Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Painful Wait

There was nowhere to park while waiting for the pantomime to finish so it meant going back and waiting at the depot. Five drivers sat in the office looking at their watches at various times.

It is hard to relax when the clock is ticking and there is little to do except chat. As no one liked the waiting around, the talk turned to the question of was there or was there not a bus drivers' equivalent to soldiers deliberately shooting themselves in the foot to get out of doing something.

"Whey aye," said the senior driver. "I saw a driver, once deliberately put his foot behind the wheel of a truck and wait for it to drive over it. He hoped that as the wheel would go over quickly that the pain would not be too bad. But it was bad luck - the truck stalled. He still has a limp and the company refused to pay any compensation."

There was laughter before the silence returned and examining of watches to see how much time had elapsed. Still two hours to go.

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